Fibreform Electronics, Inc.

The Company has been a leader in the aerospace and commercial manufacturing industries for nearly 70 years by developing a stalwart reputation for excellent reliability, high quality and trustworthy performance.Working out of a modernized 30,000 square foot facility based in southern California, the company operates an impressive aerospace and industrial manufacturing facility specializing in engineering, pre-production planning, programming, precision machining, bonding, pressure testing and complex assemblies accurately within +/— 0.000050. The Company’s capabilities and machining centers, diversified size capabilities, and exceptionally well—trained and dedicated staff ensures manufactured parts comply with engineering specification requirements with unyielding tolerances in a temperature controlled environment. Continuous sustained investment in intellectual property process controls, supporting funded radar and thermal / laser sighting programs. The Company’s in-house quality department utilizes three coordinate measuring machines in temperature controlled environments that guarantee the manufacturing quality and required tolerances are exact.